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Taman Nusa Bestari 2,
81300 Skudai,
Johor, Malaysia.
+6014-9882372 (Ms.Zixuan)


Carbide Tipped Jobber Dirlls - JORAN ( TUNGSTEN CARBIDE)


Centre Drills (HSS)


Corner Rounding Cutters (HSS COBALT)


MTS Counterbores (Medium)

Parallel Shank Counterbores (Medium)


MTS Countersinks (HSS COBALT)

Parallel Shank Countersinks (HSS COBALT)


Die Stocks - Inch with 3 screws

Die Stocks - DIN 225


Round Dies - Left Hand [G (BSP)]

Hexagon Die Nuts (8-UN)

Hexagon Die Nuts (M)

Round Dies - Left Hand (BSW)

Inverted Dovetail Cutters (HSS COBALT)

Dovetail Cutters (HSS COBALT)


MTS Extra Length Drills (HSS)


2 & 4 Flute, Carbide End Mill - Long Series

2 Flute, Carbide End Mill - Ball Nose

2 & 4 Flute, Carbide End Mill - Extra Long Series

4 Flute, Carbide End Mill - Standard Length

Solid Carbide Dream Drills (Stub Length) - Coated

Solid Carbide Drills


Short Hand Tap [Rc (BSPT)] - HSS-G

Hand Taps (UNS) - ISO 529 HSS-G Tolerance 2B

Hand Taps (BSF) - ISO 529

Hand Taps (UNF) - DIN 352 HSS-G Tolerance 2B

Inserting Tools with locking ring




Machine Taps - Left Hand (BSW) - ISO 529

Blue Band - Spiral Flute - DIN 376 HSS-E

Blue Band - Spiral Flute - DIN 371 HSS-E

Red Band - Spiral Point - DIN 376 HSS-E

Heavy Duty Morse Taper Shank Drills (HSS COBALT)

Morse Taper Shank Armour Piercing Drills (HSS COBALT)

Morse Taper Shank Drills (HSS)


MTS Extra Length Drills (HSS)


Parallel Hand Reamers (HSS)

MTS Parallel Machine Reamers (HSS)

MTS Machine Chucking Reamers (HSS COBALT)

Parallel Shank Machine Chucking Reamers (HSS COBALT)

Reduced Shank Drills (HSS, 1/2 inch)


Thread Repair Kits


Rotary Burrs - 900 Cone Shape(Form K)

Rotary Burrs - 600 Cone Shape(Form J)

Rotary Burrs - Cone Shape(Form M)

Rotary Burrs - Flame Shape(Form H)

Jobber Drill Sets in Metal Index Cases


Slitting Saws (HSS)


KCT Carbide NC Spotting Drills

NC Spotting Drills (TiAIN Coated,HSS COBALT)


Extra Length Drills (HSS)

Straight Shank Drills - Extra Length (HSS)


NDX Jobber Drills (HSS-COBALT)

Straight Shank Jobber Drills (HSS)


Straight Shank Drills - Long Series (HSS)


STI -TAPS [ M (Spiral Flute)]

STI -TAPS [ UNC/UNF (Second Lead)]

STI -TAPS [ M (Second Lead)]


T-Slot Cutters (HSS COBALT)


Solid Carbide JET Taps 15กใ


Short Machine Taps, DIN 352

Hand Taps DIN 352 in sets of 3 pieces

Round Dies DIN 223 +7 Guides

Hand Taps DIN 325 in sets of 3 pieces Round Dies 25 x 9 mm

Garvin Brand Adjustable Tap Wrenches - Steel

Adjustable Tap Wrenches - Steel

Adjustable Tap Wrenches - Zinc Die Cast

Tap Holder with Ratchet (For right -and left- hand turn)

NDX Jobber Drills - Heavy Duty (HSS-COBALT)

Green Band NDX Drills (Full TiN Coated, HSS COBALT)


Round Toolbits (HSS)

Round Toolbits (Carbide)

Square Toolbits (CARBIDE)

Square Toolbits (HSS)

UDL Drills - Extra Length (HSS COBALT)


UDL Drills - Long Series (HSS COBALT)


Woodruff Cutter (HSS COBALT)

Woodruff Cutter (HSS COBALT)


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